• Workshops on Robotic Surgery, SBRT, Magnafield RT & TOMOTHERAPY.
  • Dedicated half day sessions on Gyn., Breast, Head & Neck, G.I., Uro, Neuro, Lung, Lymphomas & Leukaemia’s
  • Practice changing innovations of the past 2 years
  • Case Capsules – Audience response and practice guidelines
  • Poster presentations and Awards for Students and Young Practitioners
2nd February 2017 3rd February 2017, HICC, Hyd. 4th February 2017, HICC, Hyd. 5th February 2017, HICC, Hyd.

Radiation Oncology Workshop:
Venue: HICC, Hyderabad
Pre – noon session

Hall A - Gen. Oncology Gentics, Diagnostics
Pre – noon session

Hall A – Gyn. Oncology
Hall B – Head & Neck Oncology
Pre-noon session

Hall A - G.I. Symposium
Hall B - Genito Urinary
Surgical Oncology Workshop:
Robotic Surgery
Venue: HICC, Hyderabad
Post – noon session

Hall A – Neuro Oncology
Hall B – Hematology & Lymphoma
Post – noon session

Hall A – Breast Ca. Symposium
Hall B – Ca. Lung Symposum
Inauguration Ceremony & Dinner
7:30 PM onwards
Cultural Event & Banquet Dinner
7:30 PM onwards


In Associate with

Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Hyderabad Branch

Obstetric & Gynaecological Society of Hyderabad (OGSH)

Indian Dental Association, Deccan Branch